Your business is unique. You deserve a unique, custom website.

WordPress? Joomla? Drupal? We don't think so. How's custom sound?

A custom website is made up of two main elements: a custom website design and a custom content management system.

A custom design consists of various elements specifically tailored to your business - created 100% from scratch. Unlike many competitors that don't "do websites" the right way, we don't shop from a list of templates and stick you with one. We have a conference call to pick your brain on the look and feel of what your website should be and then go to work designing it. Once we have a concept, we share it with you to get feedback. From there, we can alter the design with your feedback in mind until the website is completely in line with the branding and look/feel you had in mind.

After a design is done, we slice and program in a custom content management system. A custom content management system is a system that is built from scratch based on the design we created for you. Building a website this way allows you to make sure that each and every area of the website is manageable, versus having to design a site with WordPress/Joomla limitations in mind.

While there are so many advantages of a custom website, here are just a few of the many highlights:

  • Complete Control: Say goodbye if you've ever had to call a website developer to make a few simple changes on your website. With a custom website, you don't have to make calls to anyone to update or modify your website. At any time of the day or night, you or anyone that has been trained on your admin panel can update your website for you. The only time you should have to call us would be to build in more functionality for you to take advantage of!
  • Safe and Secure: Since your file and database structure is unique to your website, it would take a lot, and I mean a lot of effort from someone to try and hack it. Out of the box platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are free to anyone to download -- that means if I'm a hacker, I can download the platform your using to a T, learn it, and then find a loophole to hack you. With a custom content management system, this isn't possible because they have no clue over the file structure/database structure, etc.
  • Scalability: With a custom CMS (Content Management System), you can easily add-on new modules and functionality, due to the site being designed and developed with future growth in mind. We don't want to build you a website that doesn't benefit you for more than a few months. With our custom websites, we strongly urge you to save money on updates and modification, and spend that money on building in new functionality that will help streamline different processes in your day to day operations.

Going custom definitely takes more time then plugging in a over-used template into a free open-source platform, but the benefits far outweigh any different in cost, as you will see a great monetary return from a website designed with logic and conversions in mind.

We know this is a lot of information to take in, we just want to try to help you make the best decision possible when you need a website. If you're considering a new website, give us a call or fill out the request a quote form by pressing the button below to give us a little bit of info on your project.

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