You only get one first impression.

You know what job interviews, first dates, family introductions and websites have in common? First impressions. A first impression is everything. It often sets a tone for how a long-term relationship will play out.

Many times the first impression of your company a potential customer has won’t be a well planned out PowerPoint presentation, the face they see at the counter, the person they hear on the phone, or a portfolio showpiece you like to tout. Instead, first impressions frequently are made when someone is visiting your company’s website.

Word of mouth referrals are great, right? Definitely. It’s important to realize though that with this it’s not uncommon for someone to get a word of mouth referral and do a little more researching before reaching out to that company.  How do they do that research? They go to that company’s website.

Every company that has a website has the same goal of being on page 1 in Google, and rightfully so – Google equates to new, organic traffic. The higher up in Google you’re ranked, the more organic traffic and lead’s you’re going to get. All these new prospects are going to have the same introduction to your company, again, your website.

Your website needs to give off the same first impression you would be concerned about giving to a new customer, an investor, or anyone else learning about or visiting your company for the first time. You want that customer to see your passion, your experience, your difference from the competitors, and so forth. It doesn't matter if you own a pizza shop, a million dollar brokerage, an insurance company, or have a business in any other industry. I could make specific arguments for every industry but you'll have to call us for a detailed consultation on that one.

Be that as it may, it's important your visitors don't visit your website and start asking questions about your company's legitimacy. Again, it doesn't matter the size or nature of your business. If you own a pizza shop, and have a cookie cutter website that looks like crap, your customers WILL make the connection from how you maintain your website to how you maintain the restaurant. The website isn't fresh and current, are the ingredients? The website isn't clean, is the restaurant? The website is out to date, are the recipes? They might not ask or say these questions out loud but you can be sure they are going through their mind - whether they are even aware of it or not.

It's important that:

  • Your website is as professional as you would be if you were presenting your company and all it offers to an investor.
  • Your website is as informative and detailed as if a customer called the owner of your company personally to get the details. Of course there is information that you don't want to display publicly but if at all possible, you want it on the website (think of the time you save from not having to repeat yourself).
  • Your website is as clean and sleek looking as your storefront. You're concerned about the location being clean when someone walks in aren't you? The web is no different!
  • Your website properly conveys in 10 seconds why a customer should chose your company.

Every person who visits your website isn't going to call you or give you business, but the better your website is, the higher your conversion rate will be. Don't get lazy and cost yourself business because you didn't give the time or attention to your website that it needs.

We know it can be overwhelming to get your website up and running. Especially when you make the decision to launch a website, everyone wants it up instantly. Sadly, the last thing you want to do is listen to one of those TV promos for a GoDaddy or 1&1 Website Builder. They will only tarnish your brand more than not even having a website!

You've worked so hard to build/launch/grow your company. Don't settle for a cookie cutter website that doesn't do your hard work justice. Give us a call or shoot us a message and learn about giving your business a website you deserve. We've been sharpening our skills since 1999 and helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed.

Want more on first impressions? In February 2012, we also blogged on Making Sure Your Website Makes a Positive First Impression.

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