What Is Social Media Strategy?

Companies of all shapes and sizes are searching the web high and low for answers on how to keep up with their competitors who are using social media.

A Social Media Strategy is a strategic plan set in place to establish and maximize your brands exposure on today’s top social networks.

There’s much to learn about social media strategies, but rather than overwhelm you, we’re going to give you just a few quick pointers to help guide you in the right direction when creating yours.

  1. Set Goals – The biggest different between a social media strategy and just using social media, is that a strategy is a plan of action on how to use the social media tools we all have. Nobody or company should ever have a plan without a goal. Having goals and objectives will help you measure your success and will help keep you on track for your specific goals. Many companies get sidetracked by over monitoring their competitors, but you need to stay focused on your strategy, your plan, and your goals.
  2. Tell Your Entire Team – The entire team and staff at the company you’re trying to establish a social media strategy for, should know what’s going on. From upper management and CEO’s down to the janitor and interns, it’s important that everyone’s on the same page and knows what’s happening. There are times in social media optimization where everyone in the company can have a part and make a difference. Whether it’s the IT department properly placing a link on a page of the website,  the CEO passing down direction on his vision for the company, or a sales manager bringing awareness of the brands exposure on social media sites, it can all make a huge difference
  3. What Works – What’s going to work for you? What Social Media sites can you get the best interaction from customers, can benefit you the greatest? What works for marketing companies might not work for plumbers and what works for plumbers might not work for NFL athletes. Just because someone has success on one social media outlet, doesn’t mean you will. You have to do a decent amount of research and see what others in your industry are doing, and where competitors are seeing the greatest results.
  4. No Cheating – There are tons of ways to cheat in social media optimization, and none will benefit your company whatsoever.  Don’t worry about your number of likes on Facebook compared to your competitors, the number of followers on Twitter, or check-ins on FourSquare. While they should all be monitored for competition and to see what others are doing in the industry, it is important that you focus on you and don’t try to take short-cuts to catch up to them. For example, buying fans or likes, or padding numbers in any way is only going to hurt your brands image after a lack of interaction.
  5. Be Prepared - Be prepared to wait a decent amount of time until you see the social media strategy making leaps and bounds for your brand. Social Media Strategy, also often referred to as Social Media Optimization, is much like Search Engine Optimization, and most companies won’t see results for 3-6 months. This does not mean give up. Much like working out for a week and not being satisfied with the results, you need to give it time!

There are many aspects to creating and implementing a successful social media strategy. We strongly urge you to call someone like ourselves, who even if not hired for the job, can guide you down the right path and help you eliminate wasted time from your future.

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