Marketing 101: Buy a Domain to Market Long URL's

Here's a practical marketing tip many of you can benefit from!

We all know it takes money to make money, investing in what you're doing/selling/creating to make more money.

Well, one easy thing you can do, whether selling a house, leveraging online applications, or anything else you're using long URLs for that are harder to share/market - buy a domain!

As an example: there's a house for sale here in Chili for 1.5 million.

The URL to view the property on Zillow is:

Wouldn't it be easier to market ""

Now, on marketing collateral, in emails, on phone calls, on social media and everything else you can simply use a short domain to send people to a long URL.

It now only saves time but it creates a greater aspect of shareability - which is usually good. And it's cheap & easy. All you've gotta do is go to, spend $21.99 for 2 years and you can setup a free domain forward within GoDaddy. Done.

And - on this example, the commission to sell this house is ~3%, so about $45,000.   $20 to help you make $45,000?  How can you not!

This is a no brainer for realtors selling (esp the higher price tag) homes, but many of you are using long URLs to send people somewhere over time - like mortgage applications, financing apps, specific pages on websites that are harder to navigate to, etc.

Leverage domains to make sharing easier - and in turn, getting more eyeballs.

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