Google's Real-Time Analytics: Watch Marketing Reactions Live

For years, Google has been an industry leader in providing traffic stats for your website. Google lets you use their free service, Analytics, to monitor traffic and to view a plethora of different categories of stats.

Beginning a few months ago in the fall, Google has begun to offer Real-Time stats. Google Analytics Real-Time is still in Beta, but offers a large amount of data on your visitors, as they are on your site.

Technology such as Google Analytics Real-Time can greatly help you measure marketing efforts and can allow you to spend money and time maximizing conversions instead of driving more traffic to your website like sheep.

If you’ve read our blog posts before, you should know that we have a real thing for social media. Social media has such a variety of benefits and can really help your business grow. Now, if you use Real-Time analytics, you can directly see the correlation between social media and your website.

With Real-Time analytics, you can see the impact your social media marketing is having on your site, as it happens. If you tweet a blog post or post a link to your blog article on your Facebook page, you can watch the traffic come in, again as it happens.

Real-Time analytics will provide you with insight such as the location and demographics of the visitors, the length of engagements, and content viewed. This can greatly help your marketing efforts because you can see where the marketing is working and what exactly is happening.

You don’t necessarily have to force traffic to use real-time stats either. You can simply leave it open throughout the day and measure the results of everyday-marketing. Watching what search engines people are coming from and what keywords they used to get on your site can show you where you are doing good or maybe where you need to improve.

Real-Time analytics can also be used on so many levels to fine-tune and test different aspects of your company. For example, monitoring real-time analytics during huge traffic spikes can provide you with a glimpse at how your server is performing.

Through the use of these stats, you might discover that your server environment is doing awesome, until you reach XXX amount of active visitors on your site. If this is the case, you know that it’s time to find a new hosting environment (check our our offerings at endLayer!), one that can accommodate the growth of your company and your website.

This blog article comes in part from a sister company of Basch Solutions, LLC, endLayer Managed Services. endLayer Managed Services offers managed cloud environments, it outsourcing, and outsourced support. If you’re in the market for a new server/hosting environment, I strongly urge you to checkout endLayer and consult with one of our industry experts to see how we can improve your website's health when it matters most.


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