Blogging on Your Company’s Website: Some How-To’s

First and foremost, if you haven’t read the blog article I wrote last summer called How Blogging can Grow Your Business Online, you need to read that and make sure you fully understand the importance of why your company website should have a blog.

The responses I’ve received are that it now clicks with people that they need a blog, the question is now transitioning to how do I do it. Therefore, I’m going to discuss a few main points to keep in mind and to help guide you down the path of a successful blog.

Content – Content isn’t something that really needs to be researched or learned by you. Though you can definitely do research and learn new material relating to your industry, you’d be surprised how many blog articles you can make just by talking about everything relating to your industry.

How-to’s, quick guides, and frequently asked questions broke down and explained in individual blog articles make up many of our blog articles here on Basch Solutions. What I try to do is blog about topics that come up in sales meetings, questions that are asked by clients and prospective clients, etc. Simply put - blog about content and topics that people are searching for to find answers.

Internal Links – Many times people are coming to your blog articles from social media, search engines, and referrals by friends. This means that this blog article is the first impression your visitor may have of you, and their knowledge of you is limited. Make sure that when you talk about a topic, such as we would do with social media strategy or search engine optimization, that you link those keyword phrases and topics to the corresponding pages on your website.

Not only is this great for visitors to quickly browse your website and learn more about you (ie: retaining that blog visitor and possibly turning them into a customer), but it’s also great for the search engines. Those linked keyword phrases and internal linking will help with your search engine optimization, as well as fall into place for proper call to actions (which we will talk more about shortly).

Don’t Bore People – You’re not writing a book. A blog is made to be more casual, and I personally try to keep it conversational. Meaning that when you’re reading this blog article, it should feel more like having a conversation with me and me explaining something to you, than you reading a thesis I did on the topic in college (as if I went).

Making sure you format the article with bold phrases, larger text for headlines, using images, keeping it simple, and referring people to references, will help ensure that the visitor doesn’t get overwhelmed, bored, and wander off to another site or blog, where they can get the information at a simpler, more educating level.

Those are a few main pointers to keep in mind when blogging. Having a blog tied to a proper social media strategy and search engine optimization are other points that I will be blogging about in the near future, as well as with the goal in mind of helping you with having a successful blog.

Basch Solutions, LLC – a Rochester, NY Web Development and Web Design company - has been building blogs and helping clients run successful websites since 1999. Whether you need an entirely new web 2.0 website built, or a blog installed on your existing website, be sure to give us a call or shoot us a message and let us know so that we can offer our assistance!


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