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Through our sister company, EndLayer, Basch Solutions has the ability to offer you a plethora of IT services including high performance hosting.

Businesses can’t grow survive without a website.
An offline website is just as bad as no website. If your customer can’t get the information they need – they WILL go somewhere else.

Businesses can’t compete survive without ecommerce.
Last year alone, customers spent $680 billion online. $0 of that was spent on websites that were offline or had bugs preventing a sale.

Businesses can’t engage customers survive without e-mail.
You wouldn’t unplug your phone. Would you be willing to unplug your e-mail?Lost e-mails do translate to lost orders.

EndLayer doesn’t provide managed hosting. That’s only part of the solution. We provide managed infrastructure. Servers, content management systems, content delivery networks, e-mail  and collaboration systems – the list goes on.

EndLayer managed servers are specially tailored to your business. We accomplish this by being involved from the very start. Our unique approach has us working side by side with developers as your website is being built.

Whether it's installing a local exchange server and configuring email accounts on Outlook for all your employees, setting up 8 wireless IP cameras, installing anti-virus on all the PC' in your office, or installing a local intranet in the office -- we're your solution.

With services ranging but not limited to the following, you can consider us your IT department:

  • Proactive IT Services
  • Managed Hosting
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Help Desk Software
  • Wired/Wireless Security & Camera Setup
  • Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Anti-Spam Software
  • Consulting
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Computer & Workstation Setup
  • Cloud Computing
  • Anti-Virus Systems
  • Intranet
  • Outlook & Email Support

IT services can be overwhelming to those who have little to no experience in the field, and we don't expect you to learn how to handle it all. Our goal is for you to trust us as your outsourced IT Department.

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