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After 15 years of growing our company and successfully helping companies of all shapes and sizes, we're ready to open up a new door to helping companies who need guidance and direction on growing their brand.

We love the concept of business. To us, it's exciting to watch and help businesses grow and prosper. When you get down to it, that is OUR business - we help other businesses succeed. We get a huge number of requests from clients who may not be a great fit for our services. Reasons why not can vary from budget issues, timing, or even the upfront (but destructive) appeal of cookie-cutter / non-custom solutions to power a unique business. Whatever the case may be, our team gets bummed out when we can't offer our expertise in some regard. Why? Because we have so much insight and bottom line value to add that we're literally bursting at the seams wanting to help.

I do believe, based on consultations we've had with clients before, that there is incredible value to help small/medium business owners make decisions when it comes to all things "tech." And we're not talking just websites - we're talking marketing, hosting, social media, IT, business analytics, process optimization and so much more. We've not only had a lot of direct experience (both good and bad to learn from), we've worked intimately close with all of our clients to see what works and what doesn't over the last 15 years.

One of my new favorite quotes of all time comes from a man by the name of (perhaps you know him?). He said "learn from the mistakes of other people, because you can't learn them all yourself." Not only do I believe we can help people learn from mistakes we or our clients have made, I believe businesses can learn from what has worked for us and them as well.

Maybe you have questions about social media, or the do's and don'ts around software platforms for your business (or even what platforms may be best for you), or even what the best way to streamline your online order shipping processes... The possibilities are endless, but here are some more examples:

- Social Media (Networks, Strategies, Do's and Dont's, Growing Audiences)
- Website Platforms (What should you use, what shouldn't you, what's best for your brand?)
- Third Party Services (A lot of third party services are plug and play now days and can provider you with an incredible ROI)
- Email (What email services are best, what are some good email practices, is email marketing dead?
- Website Hosting (What is it, what are the differences)
- Branding (Starting a company? Your brand is EVERYTHING)
- Brand Awareness (How to create awareness for your new or stall brand, or increase the awareness of a successful brand!)
- Content Strategies (You have a website, you have social media channels, now what?)
- IT Services (Need guidance on IT infrastructure, IT setups, etc.? This can help you!)
- Search Engine Optimization (What does this look like in 2023?)

After having worked with and helping clients ranging from Bausch & Lomb and Bob Johnson Auto Group to world-renowned athletes like Jordan Burroughs & Carli Lloyd (2x FIFA Player of the Year (2015, 2016), 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, 2015 World Cup Champion) and small businesses all across the US including restaurants and small service companies, we've learned a thing or two, and we're ready to take the knowledge and experience and help you.

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