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Truth be told, you can go ask any random Basch Solutions client raving fan what they think of us and you're going to get some love. To help expedite and save a little time, we've gone ahead and asked some of our clients raving fans what their thoughts are regarding their experience and their new website and/or work performed. Take a peek at some of the responses, and if you'd still like to hear some more raving reviews, feel free to reach out to any of our raving fans.

Being in the beauty industry, we are responsible for providing “makeovers”, yet our website was in desperate need of one! Basch Solutions transformed our out-of date website into a beautiful, functional work of art that properly conveys our company’s image. From the initial design stage to launch, Justin and his team provided STELLAR customer service and expertise. Justin Basch is extremely professional and has a work ethic that is of the highest caliber. You can count on Justin and his team to deliver the project on-time, within budget and with the highest quality. Thank you for our beautiful website, we LOVE it and couldn’t be happier.

Megan Donner Director of Operations & Marketing of Shear Ego

I am so pleased with my new website. Thank you to Justin and the team at Basch Solutions. I have never done anything like this before for my business which is teaching piano and voice. I have relied on the yellow pages and little free papers in communities to get the word out. We can no longer depend on only that  in this age of technology. Sure I can still use those but I have to add a website to those ads to get full advantage of any publicity or advertising. Justin helped me through the process right away. First he called me immediately upon hearing that I wanted to start looking into a web presence. He gave me guidelines for the writing of my content. It was a great exercise for me to put down in words what I love to do in my business. I didn't have to get it down to a small form like I do in ads. He counseled me in how to use social networking to full advantage. He is helping to brand me and made me a logo. Justin had a timeline that was promised and he stuck to it.  I had to scurry to keep up with him. He had a beautiful website design within a few days. I asked him to add another element to it and it was done via email communication within minutes. As I sent him content he encouraged me. He is very supportive and responsive and extremely patient with a novice like me. It's obvious he loves what he does. Everyone on my team that is helping me with my project has remarked how quickly he responds. They all say "Wow!" The Basch team is creative, competent, supportive, responsible and responsive. He knows the territory and has helped me ratchet my business up to a new level of expectation and profit.

Christine Brown Owner of Christine Brown Piano & Voice

Justin at Basch Solutions provided my company with a seamless, fast-turn around and professional service! In a matter of exchanges by email he was able to capture exactly what I was looking for in our business product. I have received many compliments on the way our website looks! If your looking for a company who can capture your idea for a great site then Basch Solutions is your solution.

Charles Dirga CEO/Founder of Visions in Motion Inc

Justin, I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in developing my website and, and especially, following through after the website was initially up to make sure it ran at peak performance.  It is hard to find business people who respond quickly to resolve problems after they've been paid.  You have done a great job and I highly recommend you to others interested in developing an effective website.

Ron Goldman Law Office of Ronald. S. Goldman

Basch Solutions opened my business to a whole new world. The quality of my website is impeccable and impressive. Our business continues to grow since the new site was launched by Basch Solutions. Justin and his team respond quickly to any questions or updates. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Denise Ronco Director at Dance Connection

Basch Solutions did a wonderful job designing the Manel Sealers website... many times you do not know exactly what you want until you see it. They would do a ‘rough draft’, it would give us something to go on, and I would give input for changes and within 15 minutes that page was done. It was easy. And the result is excellent! I highly recommend you to anyone seeking a professional and highly motivated team to build a fantastic website.

Jessica Manel VP of Operations at Manel Sealers

As a company who works hard to give the best customer service to our buyers, we are appreciative of companies who meet or exceed our customer service demands. Basch Solutions, LLC is the company who developed our website, and if anyone out there is looking for a great company to build a website for them, Basch Solutions is the company you want to contact. We had an idea of what we wanted, but Justin and his team really worked hard for us to be absolutely certain we received the desired outcome we expected. Their response time is incredible and they are always there to help you through all the growing pains. Justin Basch is all about making sure you are completely satisfied with your site. There are so so many companies out there pitching their webdesign abilities and customer service, but trust me, you won’t find a better one than Basch Solutions.

Jeff Mochan Owner of

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